A Taste of Drost's Gift Basket

This enormous basket would be perfect for corporate events, large family occasions or whatever your fancy. It holds 1 lb. of milk & dark pecan turtles, 3/4 lbs. of assorted truffles, three slices of fudge (Chocolate, Maple & Peanut Butter), 1 lb. of saltwater taffy, a quart of Far Hill maple syrup, a box of "Our Very Best" pancake mix, 1/2 lb. of caramel corn, 1/2 lb. of milk chocolate covered potato chips, 1 lb. of dark chocolate covered sea foam, 1 lb. of peanut brittle, 1/2 lb. milk chocolate covered Albanese gummy bears, a 7.75 oz. Jar of Sharone's Raspberry Jam, 1/2 lb. milk chocolate covered pretzels, a 12 pc. bag of pure maple candies and an 1/8 lb. bag of dark chocolate covered Columbian coffee beans! Woah!!!

This basket is not currently available through our website, order it in-store only so give us a call for pricing and shipping options. 231-238-6911